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Hey guys! I know every week is super exciting, but this week has been SUPER exciting! On Monday, after 2 months of being in quarantine due to government shelter in place orders we have finally been able to open our doors once again! Other exciting news is that during the difficult time we did not lay off any of our valued employees! This week the team has absolutely crushing their sales goals and are so happy to be applying all the things they have learned while in quarantine. Bark-Tastic Job guys!

And even MORE exciting news, I GOT A BABY BROTHER! Enzo the 3 month old German shepherd will be joining me in the office every day! I'm so excited to teach him all things office dog. He will learn to greet every team member with all the excitement and love! So far I've taught him to go potty outside, sit and to come on command! He's pretty smart for a little guy!

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