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Let's Catch Up!

Hey guys long time no bark! I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We've been pretty busy over here at GSC! We've had tons of fun the last few weeks! One week our amazing client surprised us with a steak dinner for being the number one office for the month of January! With hard work comes great reward! Way to go crew! Of course no dogs were allowed, but they did bring me home a scrumptious bone so I was okay with it!

Another week the crew went to cheer on Saint Louis' very own XFL team, the STL Battle Hawks. They had a blast together! Its great seeing the team get together to create some awesome bonds!

My owner, Danny also had everyone over on Saturday for spike ball and UFC fights! Fight night has started to become a little bit of a GSC tradition now. Everyone comes over to my house and we hang out watch the fights and enjoy each others company. I like it, because I get to actually be a part of the fun!

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