As an office we wrote on a board what we think best symbolizes our office and our values. We then voted and created our core values that we represent EVERYDAY whether at work or at home. 


First and foremost we are a family. Notice it doesn’t say second family, because calling it a second family wouldn’t do, the relationships we’ve created here justice. Sandy Baba, Ph.D., Education Researcher says “Family for me represents the foundation of self, and a unity of acceptance, unconditional sacrifices, joy, support and love that is built on a continuum of resilience, and journey in humility from the past, current and future generations.” And that is exactly what we embody here.


We are veracious. We embody integrity and truthfulness in ourselves, our company, our clients, and our customers. We are obsessed with character and doing the right thing when no one is watching.


We are focused. Tenacious in the pursuit of our goals personal and professional. We are focused on providing results that surpass our client’s expectations.


We are resilient. We are resilient in our commitments to ourselves, in our performance, and towards our goals. We have “patient urgency” and understand Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, we are patient, but urgent and resilient every day.


We take control of our growth, our futures, and of the situations we can control!


We are committed to growing in all aspects. Ourselves as individual, not only professionally but personally as well. We will grow our customers businesses and help them become more effective and more efficient while helping grow our clients market share.


We understand achieving our mission is going to take

hard work. We will work hard and go the extra mile to achieve our

mission. Our hard work will inspire and motivate everyone around us.

We understand that hard work makes you happy.


We will stay humble through our accomplishments. We will practice humility and continue to have student mentality. "If we aren't learning we are dying." Albert Einstein


We are loyal! We are loyal to each other, our company, our customers, our clients and to ourselves! We are loyal to our standards, goals and dreams.


Our mentality is why not? Every time we catch ourselves thinking a goal is too big or something is unachievable, we always ask ourselves, why not us? Why can't we do it? We don't have limiting beliefs, so what we can achieve is LIMITLESS!


We hold ourselves to certain standards. A high standard of performance, a high standard of positive energy, and most important a high standard on how we treat others.