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​​1. What do you do for your clients?
Each client has different, targets and expectations. We specialize in marketing and sales consulting, new business development (acquisition) and retention on behalf of Fortune 500 corporations.

2. What clients do you currently work with?
Mostly corporations that are part of Fortune Magazines 1000 largest companies in the world. Different industries range from retail, wireless services, office supplies, natural gas and energy, and telecommunications.

3. Why is your website so vague?
Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to specify and/or list our clients online. Please call the office and speak to a staff member.​

4. Are you currently filling call center sales positions?
No. Our professionals meet directly with each business representative at their place of business.

5. Does your company do residential door to door sales?
No. To this date, we have never represented a company that required our agents to visit people at their homes.

6. Is there an opportunity to earn bonuses and/or residuals?
Yes. Employees are offered a base and/or performance based compensation with an opportunity to earn more in commissions, bonuses and residuals. Compensation is always competitive with industry averages.

7. Is there opportunity for advancement?
By meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations we are able to provide opportunities for internal advancement for our employees, with no seniority and no nepotism.